2017 Election Advertising

Advertisers, agencies and the media have obligations around the content of election advertising, election programmes and other election-related material in broadcast, print and digital media.

There are detailed rules in both the Electoral Act 1993 and the Broadcasting Act 1989 on what political parties, candidates and third parties can and cannot do when campaigning.  Some of those rules impose obligations on both the promoter of the advertising or broadcast and the publisher/broadcaster.

A key source of information is the Media Handbook published by the Electoral Commission.

The ASA Codes of Practice apply to election advertising content and placement (excluding election programmes defined under the Broadcasting Act).  Check the Code of Ethics and the Guidance Note on Advocacy Advertising.

See the Broadcasting Standards Authority Election Programmes Code for political party and candidate advertising on radio and television.

Key contacts:

ASA: Freephone 0800 234 357 or email asa@asa.co.nz

BSA: Freephone 0800 366 996 or email info@bsa.govt.nz

Electoral Commission: Phone (04) 495 0030 or email: advisory@elections.govt.nz