New Guidance Note on Identification of Advertisements Released

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released its new Guidance Note on Identification of Advertisements

The nature of advertising is constantly evolving and recently there have been calls to help consumers identify advertising. The ASA Code of Ethics states that all advertising content controlled directly or indirectly by the advertiser should be identified as such, regardless of the medium used to distribute it.

This Guidance Note will assist advertisers and their partners to understand what constitutes an advertisement and how to ensure it is clearly identified.  It is particularly relevant to online influencers and companies that utilise influencers as part of their marketing strategy.

This Guidance Note has been developed by the ASA Codes Committee, which includes advertiser, agency, media and public representatives, and in consultation with senior representatives from the digital marketing sector.  The ASA consulted widely with industry to obtain their input. ASA Chief Executive, Hilary Souter, thanked committee members and industry for their contribution to the development process.

Jana Rangooni, Chief Executive of Radio Broadcasters Association saidThe Radio Industry is pleased to see the ASA working to put guidance in place that provides a more even playing field across all channels of advertising in New Zealand. If we want strong media outlets producing great local content then everyone, including those operating in the global digital media environment, needs to be held to account to the same degree as local media channels.”

Sharon Moffat, Head of Marketing Services at ASB said that as an advertiser, they welcomed the clarity the Guidance Note provides. She said “With the growth of native advertising content and social influencer marketing, the line between content and advertising is blurring for audiences, advertisers, agencies and media alike. This Guidance Note clearly outlines the properties that define content as an advertisement, making it easy for all parties to then understand their responsibilities under the Codes of Advertising Practice.”

Social Club Chief Executive Georgia McGillivray said the Guidance Note was “a welcome development for influencers, brands and agencies to gain clarity around their responsibilities”. She added that the guidelines will help validate the influencer market in New Zealand.

For the full Guidance Note please click here.

Note that the ASA offers training and education options for this Guidance Note. Please email Claire Hofer for more information.