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New Decisions: Election Advertising, Photography Promotion and More

The Complainant’s view was that the use of the red colour and Labour Party logo was misleading as it implied it was the official position of the Labour Party and gave the impression Labour intends to implement a Capital Gains Tax if elected. The Advertiser said the use of the Labour Party logo and red colour highlighted the contrast in the parties’ policies on tax.

New Decisions: Beer Culture, News Sources and More

Two Facebook groups and an Instagram account contained posts that focused on the consumption of Double Brown beer, a product of DB Breweries Limited. A Complainant was concerned the material depicted irresponsible drinking behaviours including excessive drinking, drinking in hazardous environments, and showing people under 25 consuming alcohol with strong appeal to minors.

Australian Promos, Uber Advertising and More

A KFC television promotion appeared in a Warriors vs Broncos NRL game. During a ‘bunker’ review of play, the screen was split between coverage of the players on the field and the decision pending screen. The decision pending screen showed an advertisement for a KFC $10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket. At the bottom right of the screen it said “Australia only and not in all stores”.