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New Decisions: Swear Words, Sale Pricing and More

A television advertisement promoting Village Roadshow’s film “Red Dog True Blue” included short clips from the film which is set in Western Australia. One of the excerpts showed a man saying “Where’s my bloody shaving cream?” In the following shot was a dog, which appeared to have shaving cream on its face.

New Decisions: Car Insurance, Gym Promotions and More

A television advertisement for AA Insurance showed a man getting out of his car after a utility vehicle reversed into it. The front bumper of the man’s car has been damaged. The car is parked outside a cafe which has an open roller door as the entrance with a driveway out in front.

The Use of New Zealand Banknotes and Coins in Advertising

Images or reproductions of New Zealand banknotes and coins are sometimes used in advertising. Legislation allows for this, however the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act, 1989 must be considered. The sections of this Act that are relevant for advertising include: Section 28: a person must not deliberately deface, disfigure or mutilate any banknote without the permission… Read More

New Decisions: Dairy Cow Diets, Car Yards and More

A Fonterra television advertisement features five farmers talking about their farms. The conversation topics include the family history on the farm, the climate and the soil. One of the farmers says “The soil that we farm is just superb volcanic soil, just lends itself to growing grass.

New decisions: Off-Road Vehicles, Dental Adhesives And More

A 30-second Hyundai Motors NZ television advertisement promoted the fact that Hyundai had been given the automotive industry’s Canstar award for customer satisfaction. It showed two Hyundai off-road vehicles driving along a road and then causing a spray of soft sand as they drove onto and then along a deserted beach.

Appointment of New Education and Development Manager

The Advertising Standards Authority has appointed Claire Hofer to the new role of Education and Development Manager. This role is charged with developing industry engagement and awareness of the ASA Codes and Processes through education and training. Claire has had a close working relationship with the ASA previously as a TAPS Adjudicator.