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Australian Promos, Uber Advertising and More

A KFC television promotion appeared in a Warriors vs Broncos NRL game. During a ‘bunker’ review of play, the screen was split between coverage of the players on the field and the decision pending screen. The decision pending screen showed an advertisement for a KFC $10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket. At the bottom right of the screen it said “Australia only and not in all stores”.

Broadcasting Promotions (‘Promos’) and Advertisements

Television advertising falls under the Advertising Standards Authority’s jurisdiction as encompassed in our definition of an advertisement. However, under the Broadcasting Act, programme promotions (‘promos’) for programmes or the promotion of a channel or station identity on television or radio are not advertising for the purposes of the ASA Codes.

New Decisions: Climate Change, Ultra-fast Broadband and More

The Complainant said Greenpeace had no evidence that the events portrayed were caused by global warming and Greenpeace was deceiving the public by suggesting this for political ends. The Advertiser said the advertisement was drawing a link between climate change, extreme weather events and their impact on humans and that the link was widely scientifically accepted.

New Decisions: Health claims, Billboards and More

Red Seal’s website advertisement for its ‘Pharmacy Strength Cranberry 60,000mg – New!’ promoted the product and said it ‘Supports bladder health in men and women’ and ‘Supports urinary tract and bladder health’. The Complainant said Red Seal’s therapeutic claims were not substantiated in quantitative research.

2016 Annual Report Released

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released its 2016 annual report. In 2016 the ASA received 586 formal complaints and responded to 273 enquiries from media, advertisers and agencies about advertisements prior to publication or broadcast.