ASA Newsletter: April 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has led to a rapid and dramatic change in the way we all live and work and these changes have impacted on advertisers, agencies and media organisations too. In these unpredictable and challenging times, we extend our support. Our staff are working remotely, but we continue to operate all our core services and are available to help with questions and complaints. With media consumption reaching record highs, the need for responsible advertising is more important than ever. We have released AdHelp Information on therapeutic and health advertising to support those of you who continue to advertise through COVID-19 – it is available here. If you or your team are considering utilising some working from home time for training and up-skilling, you could check out our education and training options. These could be run remotely as webinars for your organisation. If you have any suggestions on other useful services we could offer in the coming weeks and months, please email us at

ASA announces Nanette Moreau as Complaints Appeal Board Chairperson
We are pleased to confirm the appointment of Nanette Moreau as Chairperson of the Advertising Standards Complaints Appeal Board, effective 1 April 2020. Nanette is a qualified lawyer and mediator. Until her retirement in February 2020, she was Commissioner and Chief Executive of Utilities Disputes (an independent dispute resolution scheme for utility complaints including electricity, gas water and broadband). ASA Chief Executive, Hilary Souter said “The ASA is very pleased to welcome Nanette as a public member and Chairperson of the Appeal Board.  Her depth of adjudication and mediation experience will be of great value to us and our complaints process.”

Privacy Policy Update
We have recently updated our privacy policy. Taking into account feedback from complainants, a decision has been made not to release the names of individual complainants.  This does not apply to complaints made by organisations and we note the ASA does not accept any anonymous complaints. To read our updated privacy policy, click here. Any questions can be directed to

ANZAC Day Advertising Reminder
It’s April already and ANZAC Day is around the corner. For those of you who are considering advertising at this time, please ensure you are aware of the legal restrictions that apply to the use of ‘ANZAC’ in trade or business under Section 17 of the Flags, Emblems and Names Protection Act 1981. The Ministry for Culture and Heritage guidelines prohibit the use of the word ANZAC in trade or business unless approval has been given by the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage. Our full guidelines on ANZAC Day advertising are available here.

On behalf of the ASA Boards and staff, we extend our very best wishes to you all. Keep safe, stay inside, and together we will get through these challenging times.

Kind regards
Hilary Souter and the ASA team