Latest Decisions: COVID-19 claims in organic food and sanitiser ads, and more

The following decisions have been released:

COVID-19 claims in sanitiser ad amended

The website advertisement for Absolute Essential’s 1-2-3 Sanitising Bundle said in part: “Whether you are a full household or self-isolating by yourself, we have created 3 x  Sanitising and Immune Support Packs to purify your hands and home and boost your immunity over this period – giving ourselves the best opportunity to come out on the other side fit, strong and healthy.”

The Complainant was concerned the advertisement contained claims that couldn’t be proven regarding the effectiveness of the products during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Chair acknowledged the Advertiser’s prompt self-regulatory action in amending the advertisement once advised of the complaint. Given the Advertiser’s co-operative engagement, the Chair ruled the complaint was settled.

Advertisement claiming organic food fights COVID-19 settled

The Ooooby email advertisement quoted a developmental biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, who discussed COVID-19 and included the claims; “the most dangerous part of COVID-19 is fear” and that organic food can fight COVID-19.

The Complainant was concerned Ooooby was using false claims and referencing COVID-19 in order to promote organic food products.

The Chair noted the Advertiser’s engagement with the process and self-regulatory action by committing not to use the claims in future advertising, and ruled the complaint was settled.