Latest Decisions: Fresh’n Fruity claims not misleading, probiotics TV advertisement removed, and more

The following decisions have been released to the ASA website:

Probiotics TV advert removed following immunity claims

The BLIS Probiotics television advertisement promotes their DailyDefence with BLIS K12 probiotics. The advertisement asks, “are you getting ready to leave your bubble?” and says that K12 populates the mouth with good bacteria and leaves no room for bad bacteria. The advertisement shows children, parents and teens ’preparing’ to leave their bubble. The advertisement ends with an image of the product and website URL.

The complainant said the advertisement contained misleading claims linking the ability of the product to protect the consumer during the easing of Level 4 restrictions.

The Chair noted the complainant’s concern regarding misleading claims and acknowledged the Advertiser’s prompt self-regulatory action in removing the advertisement and their commitment not to use it in the future. Given the Advertiser’s co-operative engagement, the Chair ruled the complaint was settled.

Fresh’n Fruity TV ad did not mislead consumers

The television advertisement for Fresh’n Fruity yoghurt says “Fresh’n Fruity now has 40% less added sugar and it’s just as fresh and fruity as ever”. The text at the end of the advertisement says “Fresh’n Fruity – taste you love”.

The Complainant was concerned the advertisement was misleading because there is less fruit “flavour” in the product now, compared to two years ago.

The Complaints Board said the advertisement was not misleading. The Complaints Board agreed that while the advertisement did claim Fresh’n Fruity yoghurt is “just as fresh and fruity as ever”, this claim concerned the taste of the product. The Board said this claim was substantiated by the Advertiser through sensory testing, conducted involving regular consumers of yoghurt, before launching the new product. The Complaints Board ruled the complaint was Not Upheld.