Latest Decisions: Mitsubishi ad did not breach Code, radio ad removed, and more

The following decisions have been released to the ASA website:

GotInk radio ad removed

The radio advertisement for GotInk had a voiceover which said in part “… in Jerome’s mind, he and his girlfriend were getting on like a house on fire. They’d been screaming, she ran from the house and someone had to dial 111…I know where you live, in fact I’m in the house right now…”

The complainant was concerned the advertisement made light of domestic violence and was in poor taste.

The Chair accepted the complaint and a response was requested from the advertiser and the media.  The Chair acknowledged the Complainant’s concerns and noted the Advertiser had removed the ad following receipt of the complaint. The Chair said given the Advertiser’s self-regulatory action in removing the advertisement, the complaint was Settled.

Mitsubishi ASX ad did not breach Code

The Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand television advertisement promotes the Mitsubishi ASX range. The advertisement shows the price as “New ASX from $27,990 +ORC.” The advertisement shows various snapshots and cuts of the Mitsubishi cars with disclaimers confirming the model type as well as a disclaimer reading “PRICE LISTED IS FOR ASX LS. VRX MODEL SHOWN”.

The complainant was concerned the advertisement misled consumers by depicting the luxury version of the VSX range whilst advertising the price of the basic model.

The Complaints Board said the advertisement was not likely to mislead or deceive consumers as it included disclaimers regarding model differences and which model the starting price referred to. The Board noted there were several indicators throughout the advertisement that there were a range of models and prices available. The Complaints Board unanimously ruled the complaint was Not Upheld.