New Decisions: Skinny Mobile TV ad removed, Toyota Hilux ad did not breach Code, and more

The following decisions have been released to the ASA website:

Skinny Mobile TV ad withdrawn following complaints

The Skinny Television advertisement features a family discussing how they don’t pay for their internet connection and instead steal it from their neighbours. The advertisement shows the entire family wearing stockings over their heads to help support the narrative around burglary.

Six complainants were concerned the depiction of people with stockings over their heads, and the references to stealing, were irresponsible and in poor taste.

The Chair accepted the complaints to go before the Complaints Board and a response was requested from the Advertiser. The Chair confirmed the Advertiser had chosen to withdraw the ad following receipt of the complaints. The Chair said given the Advertiser’s self-regulatory action in removing the advertisement, the complaints were Settled.

Toyota Hilux TV ad did not breach Code

The television advertisement for Toyota New Zealand Limited features a number of Toyota Hilux vehicles gathering on a dirt road, which is situated in open countryside. The vehicles are shown being used for different purposes such as towing a boat or carrying fence posts or mountain bikes. In the final scene approximately 38 vehicles are shown leaving the meeting point, spreading out across the hillside, and dispersing in different directions. The text says: “THE POWERFUL NEW 2021 HILUX – AN UNBREAKABLE BOND”.

The Complainant was concerned the advertisement encouraged detrimental behaviour by showing four-wheel drive vehicles driving on public conservation land.

The Complaints Board noted that according to information provided by the Advertiser, the advertisement was filmed on private land, not public conservation land. The Board noted this would have been clearer if the location of the filming had been stated in the advertisement.

The Complaints Board said the advertisement used hyperbole to convey the idea that the Hilux is a popular vehicle which can be used for a wide range of purposes. The Board noted the final shot was achieved using video effects in postproduction. The Complaints Board said the advertisement did not depict or encourage environmental damage or degradation and ruled the complaint was Not Upheld.