Latest decisions: Four complaints upheld related to therapeutic claims

The following decisions have been released to the ASA website:

Marvel Health complaints upheld

The ASA recently upheld four complaints related to Marvel Health for making unsubstantiated therapeutic claims.

Two of the advertisements were print ads in the Weekend Sun newspaper, promoting Marvel Health’s new clinic in Tauranga as well as its total-body health scan that claimed could diagnose a range of problems. The other two ads were in the Bay of Plenty Times newspaper, promoting a whole body scan for a “Total Health WOF”, as well as offering targeted screening for over 60s that stated was ideal for narrowing arteries and chronic inflammation.

The complaints the ASA received were concerned the advertisements made unsubstantiated therapeutic claims and could be misleading, as well as prey on vulnerable audiences.

The Complaints Board agreed and upheld all four complaints, ruling the advertisements needed to be removed and not used again in their current form.