Spotlight on: Easter and Anzac Day advertising

Easter weekend and Anzac Day are fast approaching. If you’re looking at advertising around this period, it’s important to follow the key points outlined below.

Advertising hours

For radio and TV advertising, the Broadcasting Act 1989 outlines when advertising programmes can take place. There are restrictions for advertising over the Easter weekend. No advertising is allowed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The Act also restricts advertising on television on Anzac Day. No advertising is allowed between 6am and Noon.

Please note, if you access television or radio programmes through digital platforms, the restrictions do not apply.

Use of wording

There are restrictions around the use of the word ‘Anzac’ in trade or business, along with any other word that closely resembles the word ‘Anzac,’ which would likely deceive or mislead someone.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage administers Section 17 of the Flags, Emblems and Names Protection Act 1981 and they have produced a helpful guide for using the word ‘Anzac.’

Most applications to use the word ‘Anzac’ in trade or business require the authority of the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and the Governor-General.  The Ministry can provide guidance on whether a particular use is permitted.

For more information or advice please reach out to us via our AdHelp service.