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New Decisions: Therapeutic Claims, Language Promotion and More

The Complainants said they found the advertisement offensive because of the use of the phrase “English sucks”. One of the complainants said the Māori language did not need to be promoted by insulting English. Another complainant said they found the advertisement degrading and racist.

New Decisions: Socially Irresponsible Advocacy Ad, Misleading Website and More

The ASA received seven complaints about the advertisement. The Complainants raised concerns the advertisement was misleading because it exaggerated the neurological effects of fluoride on children and used fear to spread a counter-scientific message that fluoride is dangerous to children. The Advertiser said the purpose of the advertisement was to encourage people to attend a presentation on the toxicity of fluoride.

New Decisions: Hyperbolic Scenarios, In-Store Displays and More

The in-store display stand for LOL Surprise dolls included a picture of a doll dressed in a leather jacket over a bikini style top and pants with fishnet stockings and boots. The Complainant said the pictures shown on the display showed a cartoon image dressed and posed in a sexualised manner and was not age appropriate.

New Decisions: Unsubstantiated Health Claims, Humour and More

The Complaints Board said the likely consumer takeout of the claim ‘extraordinarily effective’ was that it provided an exceptional level of pain relief and was more effective than other types of pain relief. The Complaints Board ruled the Advertiser had not substantiated that the Pain Erazor provided an exceptional level of pain relief.

ASA Industry Education

Over recent years the Advertising Standards Authority has increased its focus on developing industry engagement and awareness through education and training.  We have helped many organisations improve their awareness and understanding of the Codes and the ASA processes.

Latest Newsletter: AdHelp, New Advertising Standards Code & Training

It has been a busy time at the ASA! On 2 July we launched the Advertising Standards Code. This Code was developed by the ASA Codes Committee, which includes advertiser, agency, media and public representatives, and in consultation with industry and public sectors. The ASA offered a variety of options for industry to learn about the new Advertising Standards Code.