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ASA Industry Education

Over recent years the Advertising Standards Authority has increased its focus on developing industry engagement and awareness through education and training.  We have helped many organisations improve their awareness and understanding of the Codes and the ASA processes.

Latest Newsletter: AdHelp, New Advertising Standards Code & Training

It has been a busy time at the ASA! On 2 July we launched the Advertising Standards Code. This Code was developed by the ASA Codes Committee, which includes advertiser, agency, media and public representatives, and in consultation with industry and public sectors. The ASA offered a variety of options for industry to learn about the new Advertising Standards Code.

New Decisions: Scary Posters, Social Responsibility & More

The Complaints Board said the unrestricted poster medium meant it was likely the image of the possessed girl would be confronting to children who did not understand the humourous context. The Complaints Board agreed that the advertisement had breached the Code of Ethics.

Acceptability of Offensive Words 2018

Every few years the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) releases a report on the acceptability of words in broadcasting.  They have recently released their 2018 report, based on findings of a national survey among 1,500 members of the general public aged 18 years and over. The survey measured how acceptable the public finds the use of offensive language… Read More

New Decisions: Chocolate Biscuits, Programme Ads and More

The Complainant said the conversation between the biscuits was offensive and had racist overtones. They were also concerned this ad was inappropriate because the animated presentation would appeal to children. The Advertiser said the advertisement was a ‘tongue in cheek’ campaign which used humour to promote the new biscuit. The actor chose to consume the white chocolate biscuit, however there were no racial undertones or any offensive depictions of race. The Advertiser said the advertisement was not run during children’s programming.

Media Release: New ASA AdHelp Information Service launched

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) today launched its new AdHelp Information Service. This service is part of the ASA’s commitment to adding value by sharing knowledge and expertise. AdHelp is for anyone in the advertising industry who wants detailed information about ASA code interpretation, precedent decisions and the legal framework that applies to advertising. This user-pays service will help achieve the ASA vision of ‘Every Ad a Responsible Ad’.