Advertising self-regulation and how it works

The booklet entitled Bugger, it’s okay – the case for self-regulation was published to provide an information resource for those who have questions about advertising self-regulation and how it works.

Almost everyone will, at some time, have bought goods, used a service or attended an event as a result of information from an advertisement. Advertising can inform, entertain and persuade and is now brought to us across a large variety of media.

Advertisements, however, also have to meet tests of truthfulness and acceptability within society. Complaints about advertisements are therefore heard by our independent Complaints Board to determine whether or not the boundaries laid down in the ASA Codes have been breached.

Information about the theory of self-regulation, the New Zealand system and international best practice is included in this booklet, along with responses to common criticisms from opponents of self-regulation.

The booklet was published in 2008 but much of its content continues to be relevant to advertising self-regulation.

Download: Advertising self-regulation and how it works PDF