What happens if an advertiser does not amend or remove an advertisement when the complaint is upheld?

Most advertisers support self-regulation and responsible advertising and don’t deliberately mislead or offend consumers. However, advertising is a creative business and does push boundaries from time to time. If the advertiser pushes too far and a complaint is upheld almost all advertisers will remove or change the advertisement. In a small number of cases where this does not occur, the ASA may send an Ad Alert to media members. An Ad Alert is a quick way for the ASA to alert the media to a non-compliant advertisement or advertiser and the media can remove the advertisement from publication or broadcast.


The ASA may also refer the issue to a relevant industry organisation to request their assistance. In some cases, referral to the relevant regulator or local council may be considered.


Media coverage of decisions can also assist with compliance, along with consumer decisions not to engage with the relevant brand or company.

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