New Decisions: Nutrients in milk, therapeutic claims and more

The following decisions have been published on the ASA website:

Nutrient claims in Milk for Schools ads pass

Fonterra’s Milk for Schools television advertisements promoted milk as “a great source of nutrition” and said calcium and protein build strong bones, teeth and muscles in children. The Complainant said the use of the terms ‘long-term health benefits’ and ‘goodness of milk’ were misleading and inaccurate and would lead to long-term harm and illness for future generations.

The Advertiser provided evidence to support its claims there is ‘goodness’ in milk and long term health benefits related to milk consumption. The Advertiser said these claims are supported by the Ministry of Health, which recommends regular consumption of dairy products such as milk, because they contain important nutrients that are essential for optimal health.

The Complaints Board accepted the Advertiser’s explanation and evidence and ruled the advertisements were not likely to mislead or deceive consumer and the complaint was Not Upheld under the Code for Advertising Food. 

Pressure off Acupressure ad

The Shakti Acupressure Mat advertised on, made therapeutic claims about the efficacy of the mat in treating a range of health conditions through acupressure.

The Complainant was concerned there was no evidence to support the strong claims and it was therefore likely to mislead consumer. The Chair acknowledged that upon receipt of the complaint the Advertiser had removed references which were of concern.

Given the Advertiser’s co-operative engagement with the process and the self-regulatory action taken in amending the website, the complaint was Settled.