Influencers Ad Identification Report

Influencer Ad Identification Report

This report provides the outcomes from consumers who have reported an issue to the ASA about influencer ad identification.  Reports about influencer ad identification are made to the ASA using the Influencer Ad Identification Breach form. 

Ad content must be clearly identified, regardless of where it might be seen.  That includes ad content posted by influencers.  If you want to read the rule, go to Advertising Standards Code Rule 2 (a) Identification.


The ASA releases outcomes of influencer ad identification breaches regularly, the latest report is below:

Influencer Report

Key for report:

  • Compliance Reminder – Contact has been made with Influencer to remind them of the guidelines
  • Ad Identifier Used – Advertisement was labelled correctly
  • Ad Identifier Added – Advertisement is now labelled correctly
  • Ad Removed – Advertisement has been removed
  • No Jurisdiction – Content is not advertising