Report an Influencer Ad Identification Breach

We've created a new reporting process for influencer ad identification breaches. Advertising content must be clearly identified, regardless of where it might be seen. This includes ad content posted by influencers. If you want to read the rule, go to Advertising Standards Code Rule 2 (a) Identification.

Use this form to report influencer ad identification breaches. If your concern is about the content of the influencer's ad, including the images used in the ad, go to the advertisement complaints process .

Before filling out this form, here are some things you need to know.

  • The ASA will prioritise the processing of your report if you are able to send us up to three examples of the influencer's content that you have an ad identification issue with.
  • When we get your report, the ASA will investigate it and if needed we will contact the influencer. They can respond either by withdrawing the ad content or by changing it to identify it as advertising.
  • If the influencer does not agree that it is ad content, the ASA will process your report through the usual complaints process. We'll let you know if we need to do this.
  • All influencer ad content identification issues reported to the ASA will be published in a report available on the ASA website. The details of the person reporting the issue will be kept confidential. The ASA will not contact you directly with the outcome of your report. You can access this information by regularly checking the decisions section of the ASA website and / or sign up to receive the ASA's 'Latest Decisions' email.