Influencers AdHelp Information on Identifying Ad Content

The Influencers AdHelp Information has been developed to support the identification of Influencer advertising content and highlight the collective responsibilities of Influencers, agents and advertisers in ensuring ad content is labelled for consumers.

This AdHelp Information was developed in recognition of the need for strong guidance in the rapidly evolving space of Influencer advertising and it applies to all Influencer ad content posted from 14th September 2020.

The ASA consulted with a range of individuals, organisations and agencies including the advertising industry, public relations and talent management industry, individual Influencers, Government and Non-Governmental organisations and the public.  For more information on the consultation process, view the Influencers AdHelp Information Consultation Report available on the ASA website.

Advertisers, agents and Influencers are encouraged to register their interest in training through the registration form on the ASA website.

To download a PDF of the Influencers AdHelp Information, please click here.

To download a PDF of the Influencers AdHelp Information Consultation Report, please click here.

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