Guide on Election Advertising 2023

The Guide on Election Advertising 2023 will assist political parties and candidates, advocacy groups, consumers and the advertising industry to understand the ASA’s role in supporting responsible election advertising.

The Guide on Election Advertising 2023 is available here.

The Guide sets out the jurisdictions of each of the regulators of election advertising, and includes an infographic outlining the roles of the ASA, the Electoral Commission, the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the NZ Media Council in relation to election advertisements, editorial and programme content.

It includes information on the Advertising Standards Code which sets out the principles and rules that support responsible advertising, how to complain and how to respond to a complaint.

To view a short video on the roles of each of the four regulators, click here.

Our recently released Short & Sweet: Election Advertising video also provides a brief overview of the role and jurisdiction of the ASA when it comes to election advertising.

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