Competitor Complaints fee schedule

A fee is payable to cover the costs of an Adjudication With the Attendance of Parties (AWAP) hearing, and the work done by ASA staff to ensure resolution of the complaint.

In accordance with our self-regulatory principles, if this complaint is upheld we will request that the advertiser voluntarily pay the fee to us and, if this request is acceded to, the complainant will receive a refund.

The following is a list of the fees for adjudications.

Stage of process Member Fee ASA Levy Payer Fee Non-Member Fee
Complaint accepted as AWAP, Complainant advises they do not want to proceed with AWAP. No charge No charge No charge
Complainant proceeds with AWAP, initial letters sent. Complainant withdraws. $1,500 (plus GST) $1,500 (plus GST) $1,500 (plus GST)
Complainant proceeds with AWAP, initial letters sent, responses received, agenda prepared. Complainant withdraws or complaint settled. 3,000 (plus GST) 3,000 (plus GST) 3,000 (plus GST)
Complainant proceeds with AWAP, hearing takes place. $5,500 (plus GST) $7,500 (plus GST) $10,000 (plus GST)