Competitor Complaints fee schedule

A fee is payable to cover the costs of an Adjudication With the Attendance of Parties (AWAP) hearing, and the work done by ASA staff to ensure resolution of the complaint.

In accordance with our self-regulatory principles, if this complaint is upheld we request the advertiser voluntarily pays the fee to us and, if this request is acceded to, the complainant will receive a refund.

The following table outlines applicable fees (+ GST).

ASA Funders Non-funders
Stage 1. Complaint accepted but does not proceed No charge No charge
Stage 2. Initial letter sent, but complainant withdraws or complaint settled $3,000 $3,000
Stage 3. Responses received, agenda prepared. Complainant withdraws or complaint settled $5,000 $7,500
Stage 4. Complainant proceeds with adjudication, hearing takes place $10,000 $15,000


There is no fee for advertisers, agencies or media to defend themselves against competitor complaints. If the complaint is upheld then, in accordance with self-regulatory principles, the  advertiser is requested to voluntarily pay the hearing fee, which is refunded to the complainant on receipt.