From the Chair (ASA Governance Board)

Kerrie-Lee Magill

Advertising is a vital component of the New Zealand economy. Through advertising, consumers are informed about goods and services which are available in the market place. The media, including newspapers, magazines, interactive platforms, television, radio, cinema and others are a part of our everyday life and depend on advertising for their revenue. In a world without advertising, not only would there be a restricted range of goods available to the consumer but it is likely there would be very few (and expensive) media options.

It is important for the public and the advertising industry that proper advertising standards are maintained at all times. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is dedicated to ensuring that advertising is truthful and not misleading or deceptive, and that it is socially responsible.

The advertisers, communications agencies, and media organisations have developed the Advertising Codes, following wide consultation. These Codes are in accordance with self-regulatory principles and industry voluntarily agrees to abide by them. Any member of the public who considers there has been a breach of the Codes may make a complaint to the ASA’s independent Complaints Board. The Complaints Board will seek comments from relevant parties and adjudicate on the complaint. Parties may also appeal a Complaints Board decision to the independent Appeal Board.

If a complaint is upheld, the advertiser, communications agency and media are required to withdraw the advertisement.

Our Chief Executive, Hilary Souter, and her staff are available to assist with any enquiry that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Kerrie-Lee Magill
Governance Board
Advertising Standards Authority