Complaint response form

Responding to a complainant

An advertiser’s response is a critical part of the material considered by the Complaints Board. It is essential that advertisers provide a detailed response that addresses the issues raised by the complainant, in the context of the ASA Codes. The correspondence from the Secretariat will highlight the relevant Codes to respond to.

Advertisers are asked to provide the following information. Please complete the sections that are relevant to your company. This Word template can be downloaded and completed – please ensure your company’s own letterhead is included on the correspondence.

  • Contact person for advertising complaints*
  • Name and contact at creative agency*
  • Name and contact at media agency*
  • A basic, neutral description of the advertisement
  • Date advertisement began
  • Where the advertisement appeared (all locations e.g. TV, Billboard, Newspaper, Website)
  • Is the advertisement still accessible – where and until when?
  • A copy of digital media file(s) of the advertisement – if the complaint relates to on-screen graphic, please send a broadcast quality version.
  • Who is the product / brand target audience?
  • Please provide a copy of the media schedule.
  • Pre-vetting Approval number if applicable
  • Clear substantiation on claims that are challenged by the complainant. Please see the Guidance Note.
  • The response from the advertiser is included in the published decision. The ASA is not able to accept confidential or proprietary information. Please contact the Complaints Manager if this is an issue.

* Where you provide us with personal information about someone else, you confirm you have authority or approval to do so and it is relevant to progress a complaint made to the ASA.  See our privacy policy for more details on the collection and use of personal information.

For Broadcast advertisements:

  • A copy of the script
  • CAB key number and rating