Privacy policy

Your Privacy: The Advertising Standards Authority collects contact details from Complainants in order to process their complaints about advertisements and alcohol naming, labelling, packaging and promotions. These contact details are stored securely at the Advertising Standards Authority office. You are welcome to contact us at any time to access and update your personal information at PO Box 10-675, Wellington, free phone 0800 234 357 or

Complainants will be identified with their first initial and surname in decisions and rulings of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board and the Advertising Standards Complaints Appeal Board, which are publicly available.

Please note as part of the complaints process, an original copy of your complaint including your name and address will be forwarded to the Advertiser or alcohol promoter, distributor or retailer and any other party to the complaint in order for them to respond formally to your complaint.

Parties are requested not to contact complainants directly and to address all correspondence relating to the complaint to the Authority.

The Advertising Standards Complaints Board does not accept anonymous complaints.

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