UPDATE: COVID-19 AdHelp Information – Therapeutic and Health

UPDATE: COVID-19 AdHelp Information – Therapeutic and Health

To assist advertisers to comply with the ASA Codes, the ASA developed AdHelp information on advertising therapeutic and health products and services during COVID-19 – this document is available here.

We encourage you to review this AdHelp Information on COVID-19 and Advertising Therapeutic and Health Products or Services.

If you are considering advertising a therapeutic or health related product or service and have any questions not covered by the information we have provided, we strongly recommend reaching out to the Therapeutic Advertising Pre-Vetting Service (TAPS) to help minimise the risk of a legal or code breach. Information about TAPS is available on the ANZA website. If you have any questions on advertisements outside the scope of TAPS, you can email us via asa@asa.co.nz.

If you’re a member of the public and you see an advertisement that you believe breaches the codes, please use our complaints form. If you are an advertiser, use our competitor complaints process.

If the Complaints Board upholds a complaint, the advertiser will be asked to remove the advertising.

We are happy to help with any ad standards queries and work with you to support responsible advertising.