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We don't want to waste your time. Before you start your complaint you could search our decisions to see if we have already considered complaints about the advertisement that is of concern to you. Please also read our Privacy policy.

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The Advertising Standards Authority deals with complaints about advertising content and placement. If a complaint is upheld, we request removal or amendment of the advertisement.

  • You can check the definition of advertising and advertisement here.
  • If you are a competitor of the advertiser or you offer the same or similar goods or services as the advertiser you wish to complain about, please do not complete this form. Check our Competitor Complaints process for further information
  • We do not fine advertisers and cannot make advertisers pay refunds.
  • We can't help with the sound volume or frequency of advertisements.
  • We do not accept complaints about breaches of the law that applies to advertising (for example, the Fair Trading Act, the Medicines Act and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act).
  • Influencer complaints: The ASA has a separate process for making complaints related to social media influencer ad content. Please click here to report an influencer ad identification breach.

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For television, radio or on-demand advertisements include the time / date / channel or platform you saw or heard it. For print, digital and outdoor advertisements, include a photo or screen shot of the post (click on ‘Choose File’ button above to attach) or web page with a link to the relevant page.

For social media advertisements, please attach the entire advertisement (a photo or screenshot of a static post, or a recording of the entire social media story or post if it is in video form). If you have trouble uploading a large file when you submit this form you may email it to with reference to your complaint.

If you wish to send a hard copy of the advertisement please post it to:

Advertising Standards Complaints Board
PO Box 10675, Wellington 6140

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If this complaint is within the Complaints Boards jurisdiction, I agree to waive any right I may have to take (or continue) other proceedings against the advertiser, publisher or broadcaster concerned in any other jurisdiction.
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Please note: If you wish to complain about the advertisement of a competitor, please see here for more information.