ASA Annual Reports

The Advertising Standards Authority released its 2019 annual report on 29th May, 2020

The annual report outlines the self-regulatory action undertaken by the ASA on behalf of New Zealand advertisers, as regulator of all ads in all media.

Industry education and the value and effectiveness of self-regulation were key priorities for the ASA in 2019. Alongside its other projects, the ASA also released the new Gambling Advertising Code.

A total of 1429 enquiries were processed during the year and there was a 9% increase in the complaints accepted to be considered by the Complaints Board. More than two thirds of these cases resulted in the advertisement being removed or altered to comply with ASA Codes. The report also includes data on complaints by medium, along with the most complained about advertisements of 2019.

The year to date has seen rapid change, and throughout the challenging times ahead the ASA remains committed to ensuring every ad is a responsible ad with a system that is robust, responsive, and well placed to continue to lead advertising regulation.

For the full report please click here: ASA Annual Report 2019.

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