ASA Annual Reports

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) released its 2017 annual report on 11th May, 2018

In 2017 the ASA received 603 formal complaints and responded to 347 enquiries from media companies, advertisers and agencies about advertisements prior to publication or broadcast. 

Over half the complaints related to misleading claims in advertisements and just under 20% of complaints were about taste and decency issues.

Therapeutic and health products and services led the complaints by category, followed by food & beverages and entertainment advertising. Complaints about television advertising led the media category, followed by advertiser websites and digital advertising (including social media).  

The report includes a list of the five most complained about ads for 2017.  The number one spot was taken by a television advertisement for V Energy that complainants considered showed a disregard for safety.  

For the full report please click here: ASA Annual Report 2017.

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