AdHelp Information Service

About the AdHelp Information Service

This user-pays service is provided to the advertising industry to help achieve our vision of ‘Every Ad a Responsible Ad’. For anyone who has a question, concern or a lack of knowledge about advertising compliance, the AdHelp Information Service may be able to help you. The ASA can provide you with written information that may include;

  • Relevant ASA Codes and Guidance Notes
  • Legislation that may impact on your advertisement
  • Industry Codes or Guidelines that may be applicable
  • Precedent Advertising Standards Complaints Board and / or Appeals Board decisions that may be relevant to your query or issue
  • Any other information that we have access to that we think may help

Is this service for me?

The AdHelp Information Service is for anyone who needs to know more about advertising compliance. You might be the advertiser, or the communications agency developing the advertisement or the media placing the advertisement. Your query might be quite general in nature or it could be a specific technical aspect of the advertisement. Get in touch and find out more.

How do I get in touch?

Fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch.

What happens next?

We’ll take a look at what you need and we’ll let you know if we can help. Before we provide the relevant information you’ll need to pay for it so we’ll organize an invoice and send that to you. Once we have confirmation of payment from you, we’ll send you our information.

How much does it cost?

The fee structure is;

  • $420 + GST for ASA members / ASA levy payers
  • $630 + GST non-ASA members / Non-ASA levy payers

For urgent information (within 24 hours), the fee is twice the standard fee.

How do I pay?

The ASA can accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

How long will it take before I receive the information?

In most cases, the ASA will be able to provide you with information within 3 days. We will tell you at the time of payment how long we think it will take to get back to you.

Please Note

Information from the ASA is provided in good faith to assist advertisers, agencies and the media to comply with the ASA advertising codes.  The information is to be used solely for the purpose for which it is intended. The information provided is confidential and is not legal or binding advice, nor is it intended to cover marketers’ legal or other obligations, which remain their responsibility.  You should always consider obtaining independent legal advice and you may still be required to respond to a future complaint despite the information provided. Without the express written permission of the ASA the information provided cannot be used in part or whole in any other way, including in a response to a formal ASA complaint or in relation to a media enquiry.