Don’t be an egg this Easter – advertise responsibly

14 March 2024

With Easter fast approaching, we have some egg-cellent advice for advertisers to support socially responsible seasonal advertising.

Know the rules around advertising hours

The Broadcasting Act 1989 lays out the restrictions for TV and radio advertising over the Easter period. While no broadcast advertising is permitted on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the restrictions do not apply to OnDemand television or radio accessed through digital platforms.

Don’t egg-aggerate your claims

The Advertising Standards Code requires advertisements to be truthful.  Advertisers must ensure ads do not mislead consumers, including by exaggeration, omission and false representation. Check your ads for seasonal products and promotions and make sure claims are accurate and do not promote a false sense of urgency.

Target your audience to mitigate offence

Easter is a time of religious significance in some communities and use of the occasion to promote unrelated products, or use of humour regarding religion can lead to offence in some instances. Rule 1(c) of the Advertising Standards Code provides guidance that Advertisements must not contain anything that is indecent, or exploitative, or degrading, or likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offence, or give rise to hostility, contempt, abuse or ridicule. The risk of offence can be mitigated by carefully targeting your audience and avoiding placement of ads using satire in unrestricted mediums.

Responsible advertising over Easter

Encouraging excessive consumption of occasional food or beverages, or depicting incorrect portion sizes for individuals is a breach of Rule 1(h) of the Advertising Standards Code, which states that Advertisements must not undermine the health and well-being of individuals. Further care should be taken to ensure that advertisements comply with the Children and Young People’s Advertising Code, which states that advertisements for occasional food and beverage products must not target children or be placed in any media where they are likely to be a significant proportion of the average audience.

Set clear expectations regarding delivery

Ensure your delivery claims are realistic and achievable, especially when consumers may be anticipating receipt of their goods prior to Easter. Advertisers should also ensure delivery fees are obvious and up front to consumers when purchasing online.