Current News and Media Releases

ASA releases AdHelp Information on alcohol advertising in COVID-19

We are aware of an increase in alcohol advertising and promotion during the COVID-19 restrictions. To assist advertisers to comply with the ASA Codes, we have developed AdHelp information on advertising and promotion of alcohol during COVID-19 – this is available here. Advertisers need to ensure their advertising is socially responsible and protects consumers from harm…. Read More

New Decisions: Homeopathic advertising, therapeutic claims and more

The following decisions have been released: Complaint 20/071 Booster, Television, No Grounds to Proceed Complaint 20/072 Radio NZ, Digital Marketing, No Grounds to Proceed Complaint 19/436 Acupuncture Studio, Digital Marketing, Upheld in Part, Settled in Part, Not Upheld in Part Complaint 20/037 New Zealand Labour Party, Facebook, Not Upheld Complaint 20/038 New Zealand Labour Party,… Read More

Nanette Moreau appointed as Advertising Standards Complaints Appeal Board Chairperson

The Advertising Standards Authority is pleased to confirm the appointment of Nanette Moreau as Chairperson of the Advertising Standards Complaints Appeal Board (ASCAB). Nanette Moreau (BCom, trained Mediator, LLB, Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand) joined Utilities Disputes Ltd, formerly known as the Office of the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner… Read More

New Decisions: Billboard Phrase Likely to be Read as Expletive

The Complaints Board said the phrase “Say FCU to your bank” is likely to be read as “Say fuck you to your bank” and the word “Fuck” is generally regarded as offensive to an unrestricted audience. The Accordingly, the Complaints Board ruled the complaint was Upheld and the billboard advertisement is to be removed.