New Decisions: Mini Electric ad breached Code, KFC ad removed, and more

The following decisions have been released to the ASA website:

Mini Electric TV ad breached Code

The television ad for BMW Mini Electric shows a montage of fast paced shots set to music. The Mini Electric vehicle is shown driving and being splattered with paint. One shot shows a woman holding electric wires in each hand, preparing to connect them.

The Complainant was concerned the advertisement portrayed a dangerous practice of holding electrical wires together and felt it was inappropriate to play this during a film that children are likely to be watching.

The Complaints Board said the scene with the woman holding live, exposed electrical wires and preparing to connect them portrayed a situation condoning a disregard for safety. The Board said while the scene was relatively short, it featured at the climax of the creative and was likely to leave more than a fleeting impression on the viewer.

The Complaints Board said the electrical wire scene was dangerous irrespective of the likely audience of the advertisement, and placement in a programme likely to be seen by younger audiences exacerbated the already problematic nature of the action depicted in the ad.

The Complaints Board ruled the complaint Upheld.

KFC ad removed

The KFC television advertisement showed the legs of a cartoon person wearing a home detention bracelet around their ankle. The voiceover says “being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the action. Thanks to KFC the action can now be delivered to your door”.

Two complainants were concerned the advertisement normalised home detention and promoted criminal activity.

The Chair acknowledged the complainants’ concerns and noted the Advertiser’s self-regulatory action in removing the advertisement after receiving complaints. The Chair ruled the complaint was Settled.