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Fireworks Advertising

The ASA is often asked about restrictions around advertising fireworks in New Zealand.  We wanted to provide an overview of some of the things to consider when creating fireworks advertisements. Fireworks are controlled by the Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 2001 and there are strict rules around buying and selling fireworks. Although fireworks can be used… Read More

New Decisions: Ride-share comparisons, healthy lunchboxes and more

The Complaints Board agreed the advertisement made no explicit claim that OLA’s service was faster than its competitor, but OLA’s claim that it was “way cheaper” was not sufficiently supported by the information it provided.  The Complaints Board said the advertisement’s disclaimers containing information explaining the pricing structure were difficult to read.

Social Media Workshop: Napier

Our popular Social Media and Advertising Standards Workshop will be held in Napier in September. The workshop focuses on ad standards and how they apply to social media platforms. It will include the role of Influencers along with relevant Complaints Board decisions on social media advertising.

New Gambling Advertising Code Comes Into Effect Today

Today the new Gambling Advertising Code will be effective for all new gambling advertisements. Advertisements that were placed before 5 August 2019 need to comply with Code For Advertising Gaming and Gambling.  All gambling ads must comply with the new Gambling Advertising Code from 4 November 2019.  

New Decisions: Chocolate, AMP Kiwisaver and More

The Appeal Board ruled the advertisement was misleading with regard to what was offered versus what the majority of consumers received.  The Board said the advertisement did have a commercial aspect to it, which was not offset by any educative intent. Accordingly, The Appeal Board ruled the Complaint was Upheld and the Appeal was Dismissed.